More Helmer pics



Pre fitting the board and the psu. No place for the drive than on pci slots.

View from top. Notice the perfect fit for the mini ATX board.

Power meter for Helmer during idle. Power consumption rose to about 600W during rendering.

My messy home server room. On top the FreeNas server running on an Via C7 1500Mhz low energy cpu, with gigabit ethernet and mirrored sata drives. Below the two 220 Volt 1200VA UPS for Helmer (will last about 1 hour with no external power feed). On far left my hero web server, the several year old NSLU2 (aka SLUG) running at a snail pace of 128 Mhz, but just consumes 5 W.

Helmer with spanking cool front in paper .. for now anyway

Close up of boards and the plexy glass sheet under for electrical insulation.

Another close up inside.

Me and my intellectual face. Breakfast done, now back to work animating my Viking TV show (that Helmer is rendering)


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